8 Year Workmanship Warranty
Inquire about our 8 Year Workmanship Warranty.

Premium Quality Materials
At Kangaroof we use only quality materials from amongst the best brands in the market.

Custom Flashing & Capping

Kangaroof have a unique way of designing box gutters and custom flashing which ensures our work is as it should be. We customise flashing for new roof extensions, replacement of worn lead flashing and custom capping for barge and fascia timber boards.

We also provide custom flashing for exisiting and new skylights such as the Velux sklight. Velux sklights all require custom flashing for a roof pitch below 15º.

We use only high quality steel from trusted Australian suppliers such as BlueScope Steel for this type of work. From measuring on site to designing and manufacturing your new custom flashing, you can be confident the results will be superb.

We are also well aware of which metals can be used together and which ones can’t. This is important as some metals when used together can cause accelerated corrosion called galvanic corrosion. Learn more

Box Gutters

We see our fare share of dodgy box gutter designs and installs as box gutters can be tricky to get right. Kangaroof can help waterproof existing box gutters as well as designing and installing new box gutters.