Roofing Sydney | Kangaroof are experts in many types of roofing problems. You’ve realised you have a leaking roof. Maybe you’ve noticed mould on the ceiling, or rainwater leaking through the ceiling, or you’ve heard dripping sounds somewhere in the house during rain. We can help!

mould on ceiling


roof leak detection

We’ve been dealing with roof leak repairs for over 15 years. At times we come across very tricky roof leaks. During the last couple of years, we’ve found that some modern roof designs are not great at preventing roof leaks during heavy rain. Certain modern roof tiles can let water in during windy rain and poorly installed sarking does not help!



Kangaroof can also check for issues with mould, dampness in the home, condensation build up and discuss why this is happening and ways to help prevent it. Not always is this due to a roof leak, it could be lifestyle.



roof inspectionRoofing Sydney | Our standard roof inspections are free of charge, unless you require a detailed report for your insurance company or you’re looking to purchase the house and want the peace of mind that the roof is going to be fine. There will be a small fee for the more detailed roof report following our roof inspection.



Leaking Roof Repairs Sydney

Be prepared for the next storm. Don’t delay those roof maintenance tasks for too long. Call us out to check your roof for signs of wear and tear, broken roof tiles, incorrectly installed roof screws on your metal roof sheets, and to check that all roof protrusions are correctly installed and have no damaged sealant which is a common area of water ingress. Contact Us to arrange an inspection and be ready for the next storm.


Utilise Your Roof

We’ve been working on sister business which specialises in healthy homes. It is still in progress. We aim to have in up and running in the near future. Check out UTILISE

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