Possums, rats, mice and birds can find their way into roof cavities and make themselves at home. Regular roof maintenance is a good way of keeping an eye on potential pest entry points. It is easier to prevent pests from nesting in your roof rather than re-locating them.

Here are some tips for keeping your roof pest free:

1 - Have your roof inspected - Spaces where roof tiles meet valleys and gutter or holes in damaged ridge caps and tiles are all potential entry points for pests such as possums, rats or birds. Spring time is mating and nesting season for many pests and being prepared can save you sleepless nights listening to scuttles in the roof, stained ceilings, bad odors and not to mention bird lice!

2 - Install tree truck collars - Possums especially can enter your roof by climbing trees close to the house. To discourage this aluminum or plastic collars can be placed around mature tree trunks.

3 - Prune tree branches that lead to your roof - Leave a gap of at least 2 - 3 metres around the house. This will make it harder for pests such as possums and rats to crawl onto your roof and will also help to keep leaves falling into your gutters and clogging them up with debris - bonus!

4 - Use chemical free possum repellents - These include Tabasco SauceĀ®, garlic spray and Indonesian fish sauce. Possums do not like these! Should you have a possum in your roof an easy way to move them is simply providing an alternative such as a possum box, otherwise possums can be removed by professional services for a fee.

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Possums are protected under the Wildlife Act 1975. Possums must not be harmed in any way.


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