roof leak repairs sydney, roofing sydney, polycarbonate roofing

Ridge Cap/ Roof Tile Repairs
Restoring damaged ridge caps using high grade flexiable pointing.

roof leak repairs sydney, roofing sydney, polycarbonate roofing

Valley Replacement
We use BlueScope Steel ColorBond valleys.

Roof Repair

We’ve never failed when it comes to successfully repairing roof leaks after several attempts by other roofing businesses and we have the references to prove it. You can trust that we will NOT send out commission based sales reps that may be inclined to exaggerate repair quotes. You will be dealing with one of our business owners from start to finish. We pride ourselves in what we do, so allow us to come and impress you with a qualified, NO COST roof inspection. A leaking roof can start of as a minor issue, however if neglected can worsen. Cracked and broken tiles or rusted metal sheets can allow water through into the roof cavity, possibly causing roof timber to weaken and sag, or even develop into timber rot. Certain types of roof insulations can absorb water, keeping you unaware of any leak. We deal with all types of roof repairs at an extremely competitive price for what we believe is the best service in the industry.

Ridge Cap Repair

We apply new cement bedding to all necessary ridge caps and we re-point every ridge cap using only high quality flexible pointing. Unlike cement, flexible pointing resists movement, is very strong and last longer while looking great.

Valley Repair

We replace valleys that are rusted right through with new Blue Scope ColorBond Steel valleys, which carry a 20 year warranty. Valleys that are only affected by surface rust can be restored. We remove the tiles surrounding the valley for better access and once the valley is sanded we apply a high quality rust converter, then finally we coat the valley.

Flashing Repair

We specialise in all types of flashing. We use special techniques that can save you hundreds of dollars in flashing work.