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Roof Repairs Sydney for Tile Roof
Restoring damaged ridge caps, replacing broken roof tiles replacing roof flashing, replacing roof valleys, and much more.

metal roof repairs

Roof Repairs Sydney for Metal Roof
Replacing rusted roof sheets, deteriorated roof screws, installing new metal flashing, box gutters, valleys, and much more. 


We have an awesome reputation for our honest approach to roof repair. We specialise in both tile and metal roof repairs. Often we advise against unnecessary roofing practises which are commonly pushed by some roofing companies. We instead focus on what we believe will truely enhance your roof and extend its life. If your concern is regarding roof leaks, you can also visit our Roof Leak Detection page to learn more on that.

Roof Repairs for TILED ROOF

There can be a few things to check to ensure a tiled roof is fine. We’ll check your roof’s timber battens and sarking (if you have any). We’ll check the condition of your roof tiles are check they are aligned correctly. At times we find hair line fractures on roof tiles, broken roof tiles hidden underneath another roof tile. With experience we know how to inspect a roof as to not miss anything which could cause longer term issues. Contact Us to learn more.

Roof Repairs for RIDGE CAPS

We apply new cement bedding to all necessary ridge caps and we re-point every ridge cap using only high quality flexible pointing. Unlike cement, flexible pointing resists movement, is very strong and last longer while looking great.

Roof Repairs for METAL ROOF

Roof Repairs for metal roofs can start from something minor to loose roof screws, deteriorated rubber seals around roof screws to the more extensive metal roof issues such as rusted metal roof sheets. At times we also find the wrong metal roof sheet profile used for the type of roof pitch. We can check all this for you and more then provide you with the best solutions. Contact Us to learn more.

Roof Repairs for ROOF FLASHING

We specialise in all types of roof flashing. We use special techniques that can save you hundreds of dollars in flashing work. We’ll check your roof to ensure there are no problems with your existing flashing; Is it designed and installed correctly and has the correct metal been used so that dissimilar metal wont cause corrosion? Is the flashing wide enough and contorted where possible? Contact Us to learn more.

Roof Repairs for BOX GUTTERS

We’ll check your box gutters for hidden rust causing water ingress and check it’s designed and installed correctly. Is it clear of being in contact with dissimilar metals? We’ll ensure your box gutter seals have not deteriorated. We design and professionally install box gutters for both tiled and metal roofs. Contact Us to learn more.

Roof Repairs for VALLEYS

We replace rusted through valleys with new valleys made from Blue Scope ColorBond Steel, which have a 20 year warranty. Valleys effected by surface rust can be restored. After removing surrounding tiles for better access, we sand back the valley and apply a high quality rust converter. Finally, we coat the valley with high grade coating systems to protect it from the elements.