Kangaroof are experts in metal roof repairs Sydney wide. If your metal roof is leaking due to rust or other wear and tear issues, we can help. Maybe your box gutter is leaking, you could have insufficient or poorly designed & installed flashing. We’ll assess your metal roof leak and come up with clever solutions to your problems.

Commercial Metal Roofing

We’ve been providing our commercial customers with our excellent and trusted metal roof maintenance. We maintain the metal roof sheets, box gutters and metal flashing all across medium – large metal roofs. If your commercial metal roof is leaking, we will inspect your roof leak then offer some solutions. Most commercial properties have a flat metal roof. We have many years experience dealing with flat metal roof leaks – whether the roof leak is due to rain or condensation. Check out our article on METAL ROOF CONDENSATION.

Residential metal roofing


Kangaroof specialise in residential metal roofing. If your looking for a new metal roof, or have issues with your existing metal roof; if your pitched or flat metal roof is leaking, or rusting, we can suggest clever solutions. We’ve come across very complex metal roof leaks and have been successful in eliminating the roof leak. We also have vast knowledge in dissimilar metals which can be very costly if mistakes are made. Check out our post on METAL ROOF which contains information on dissimilar metals.