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Experts in mould & damp solutions. We’ve dealt with rising damp, mould due to roof leaks, mould due to condensation build up from poorly installed roof sheeting, and modern homes which are too air tight which lack ventilation. The cause of mould and dampness is not always easy to identify. More importantly, the solution is not always easy to achieve. We’ve done our homework. We’ve utilised existing products to help you minimise mould and dampness in your home. We can also discuss with you an industry first Custom Roof Ventilation system that not only looks great, but also performs better than any other system we’ve seen. It truly looks stunning! The health impacts of mould and dampness taking over the home are well documented so we don’t feel the need to get into that here. Call us today to arrange an inspection and to discuss options.


Mould and Damp

Identifying the cause of mould and damp inside the home is not always straight forward. Kangaroof has many years experience inspecting and pin pointing the cause of issues in and around the home.

mould & damp


Condensation can be the cause of mould and mildew in the home. Insufficient home ventilation, as well as vents and extraction fans not properly installed can all contribute. 

Mould and Damp

Kangaroof are the experts in identifying the cause of mould and damp problems. Mould and damp issues can have different causes and identifying them can be tricky. Kangaroof has over 10 years experience inspecting homes throughout Sydney. We offer solutions that help prevent mould, damp and condensation build up. We professionally inspect and identify the cause of mould and damp issues around the home.

Mould can be cause for concern as it can cause health issues. Mould can be caused by obvious problems such as roof leaks or plumbing issues, however is some cases the cause is not so obvious. Modern building techniques and the push for more energy efficient homes means buildings are being designed to be sealed. This is to stop heat in winter and cold in summer escaping the home and thus saving you money on your heating and cooling costs. During winter without daily ventilation this can become a problem. Warm, moist air and condensation can build up inside the home causing mould to grow on walls, windows, ceilings and soft furnishings. 

We offer the following Mould and Damp Solutions:
  • Identify the cause of the mould and damp
  • Repairs of roof leaks
  • Repairs of plumbing leaks
  • Installation of roof, wall and ceiling vents
  • Recommendations and advise on fixing and maintaining mould issues in the home