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Regular Roof Maintenance Sydney
There are many beautiful leafy suburbs throughout Sydney. Regular roof maintenance is a great way to ensure that your roof is kept in good condition and free of debris regularly. This can safeguard your roof from major repairs caused by trapped debris and long standing issues that have not been detected.

Commercial Roof Maintenance

Roof Maintenance Sydney for Commercial Properties
Do you have a property portfolio? Call us to set up regular roof inspections and roof maintenance for your commercial properties. This helps avoid unexpected large repair bills due to neglect.


Avoid unexpected large roof repair bills with our regular roof maintenance service. We have an outstanding reputation for our honest approach to roof maintenance. We specialise in both tile and metal roof maintenance. Often we advise against unnecessary roofing practises which are commonly pushed by some roofing companies. We instead focus on what we believe will truely enhance your roof and extend its lifetime. If your concern is regarding roof leaks, you can also visit our Roof Leak Detection page to learn more.


We offer 3, 6 and 12 month roof maintenance options. We are very thorough and include the following:

– A Qualified Roof Inspection – This will identify issues such as; damaged roof tiles, deteriorating sealant around roof vents and skylights and surface rust on your roof. These areas can be restored if identified early. We will also identify areas for potential slow roof leaks which tend to cause wood rot over time and invite critters such as termites.

– Regular Roof Maintenance – Such as, removal of trapped debris from gutters, valleys, box gutters, skylights, tiles and or metal roof sheets.

– Minor Roof Repairs at no additional cost – Such as roof tile replacement if spares onsite or roof tile repair if necessary and resealing areas of deteriorated roof sealant. Restoring some minor surface rust areas is also included.

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