roof leak detection sydney

Obvious Roof Leaks
Some roof leaks are simple to detect.

leaking roof detection Sydney

Tricky Roof Leaks
Some roof leaks are difficult to detect.

Roof Leak Detection

Our roof leak detection process is second to none. The way we inspect, identify and repair roof leaks is unmatched. We’ve never failed when it comes to successfully repairing roof leaks after several attempts by other roofing businesses and we have the references to prove it.

Kangaroof sucessfully resolves roof leaks around chimmneys, valleys, skylights, gutters, ridge caps and roof tiles as well as flashing between tile and metal roof extensions. Vents, pipes, TV aerials and satellites which protrude out of the roof are also common roof leak areas. We thoroughly inspect all areas which are potentially problematic.

A leaking roof can start of as a minor issue, however if neglected can worsen. Cracked and broken roof tiles or rusted metal roof sheets can allow water through into the roof cavity, possibly causing roof timber to weaken and sag, or even develop into timber rot. Certain types of roof insulations can absorb water, keeping you unaware of any roof leak.

You can trust that we will not send out commission based sales reps to inspect your roof leak, who may be inclined to exaggerate roof repair quotes. You will be dealing with one of our business owners from start to finish.

It is just as important that a roofer knows how to successfully fix your roof leak after knowing the cause of your roof leak.

Metal Roof Leak Detection

We’ve come across many hard to find roof leaks on a metal roof. Sometimes it’s simply due to condensation which looks and acts exactly like a roof leak caused by rainwater. However when condensation is involved, it is not as simple as patching a cavity. The issue is from underneath the roof sheets. If left unresolved, it will in time cause the roof sheets to rust from the bottom up.

This usually occurs when there is no barrier between the ceiling and the underside of the roof sheets; no foil (sarking), or no building blanket (insulation and foil). Even when we’ve detected a condensation problem and found foil or insulation installed, we’ve found it to be incorrectly installed.

Other common problems we find when inspecting roof leak are from flashing areas. Either insufficient flashing width, incorrectly installed, or the roof sheets underneath haven’t been turned up. At times we’ve also found roof leaks from poorly installed roof screws or the wrong type of screw was used for that specific area.

We’ve come across many difficult roof leaks. Before you go spending money on an area which is not the sole cause of your roof leak or may not even be contributing to your roof leak, contact us to arrange an onsite inspection.

We believe that we differ from others due to the fact that we know the conventional roofing practices aren’t always sufficient.

Tile Roof Leak Detection

When you find a broken roof tile, you replace it and that’s the end of that adventure. It’s not always that simple. Actually, it is rarely the case when we are called out. We find common issues with no sarking underneath the roof tiles which can result in moisture getting in between roof tiles during certainly types of rain events. Issues around ridge caps is another area we find roof leak; such as cavities in ridge cap bedding, or no weep holes on some in ridge cap pointing which are required on certain types of roof tiles. Old lead flashing that has started to crack, old sealant around roof protrusions like vent pipes, insufficient lead flashing between split level roofs or around dormer windows, and the list goes on.

We believe it is important to have a roof inspection carried out by an experienced roofer to prevent unnecessary spending.

Leaking Roof? We can fix it.

“This is the 2nd time I have used Kangaroof. My huge mistake was to use someone else in between when I couldn’t get them in time. First time they solved a roof problem in mins on my 100 yr old tile roof that I had used ‘specialist’ roofers for over 10 yrs + 9 plumber visits – no-one had a clue. He could see immediately the problem & fixed it. I couldn’t believe that 4 other professionals couldn’t see something that made perfect sense to me.

Then I needed a new Kliplock roof 2 yrs ago. Got someone else to do it. TOTAL nightmare. Many roof leaks for first time ever, terrible leaks. They ‘fixed’ them twice & still leaking. That is roof hell and so stressful. Even my good builder couldn’t work out the leaks & he is really good.
I am very thorough and even I could see some of the problems but no idea how to fix once they’d been built into the new roof (by the bad so called expert roofer).

Then I rang Sal again to ask him PLEASE to come. Best choice in 2yrs.
He is very smart, could have done any career at all. Great brain, great diagnostician, problem solver & highly professional & talented.
He seriously, intelligently & methodically worked out what he thought it was, the numerous faults & weak points & knew how to make various pieces of custom flashing and angles to fix my new roof nightmare. He did temp fix to test, it worked. Heavy rain no problems. WHEW!!!

Then I accepted his quote, he came, he installed his awesome flashing and custom made solutions to my sad new roof that had at least 6 major faults that were always going to lead to leaks again & again.

My only hesitation in writing this glowing review is if he gets too busy to come whenever I might need him for my other house roof. Do yourself a favour. If you want a roof done well or to fix a nightmare some other roofer has caused you – ring Kangaroof. And he is a very nice man as well. 10/10. Wonderful to find a wonderful professional who really cares in this day & age. Thankyou Kangaroof”

Susie Thompson from Earlwood
5th May 2022 | Metal Roof Leak Repairs

“Going on his website reviews we expected big things of Sal and he did not disappoint! He assessed our leak efficiently and explained what he needed to do with a tricky little bit of roof to not only solve the current problem but to avert some likely future damage. He fitted our job in sooner than promised and provided photos and clear explanations of everything he did (which was exactly as quoted with a small freebie thrown in). Most importantly, we left it a while to write a review so we could confirm he has solved our problem and several thunderstorms later it’s thumbs up. Sal’s a lovely guy. 10 out of 10, we would use Kangaroof again if needed.”

Christine Binskin from North Rocks
25 November 2020 | Metal Roof Leak Repairs

“We had 5 other companies attempt to fix our roof and only Sal resolved our leaking roof issues. He was upfront and honest from the beginning and was very thorough during the whole process. I highly recommend his services 100%. Thanks Sal!”

Geraldine from Turramurra
15 September 2020 | Metal Roof Leak Repairs

“Absolute LEGEND!
He came, he saw, he fixed.
After 4 years, 3 builders and countless roof repair companies who couldn’t solve my leaking roof problem, I stumbled upon Sal!
We’d been having a mysterious ceiling water leak that would occur on and off during storms for at least a few years. Some storms had it leaking like a tap, other storms had it leaking like a drip. Builders and roof repair guys were stumped and no one could pinpoint the reason for the adhoc leaks. By then we were on the verge of putting it down to a poltergeist!!
Sal was a random google search that turned out to be heavenly. An absolute professional and it helped to have his background knowledge on building construction.
He came and took an hour or so to survey our roof on a fine sunny day. He was confident he found the source of the problem. Surprise surprise we haven’t had a leaky roof in 7 months since Sal diagnosed our roof problem despite Sydney experiencing some major storm activity this year.
I can’t recommend him enough.
Professional, friendly and an absolute legend. He got the job done when countless others couldn’t.”

Gloria Howard from Lindfield
31 August 2020 | Roof Leak Repairs

“Sal was a chance find from a Google search. I called and within 30 seconds of me trying to awkwardly explain what I thought the problem was, it was obvious Sal had a pretty clear picture in his mind of the issue and how to tackle it. Inspected the next day and clearly talked through the potential issues and agreed a plan of attack. We were most impressed by his way of explaining things and making sure we understood what he was suggesting, while not being the least bit pushy.

The work was completed yesterday (not that you’d know it, as the entire workspace was left spotless). As I wasn’t here, I was kept up to date with the work (including sending photos to show issues and to confirm that we’d taken the right course of action).

Great communicator, great at what he does – highly recommend.”

EDIT – March 2022 – work is getting thoroughly tested! Passing with flying colours so far”

Ross Mitchell from Lindfield | Metal Roof Repairs
7 August 2020

“Moving into new premises recently we encountered a few issues with our roof in the heavy rains at the beginning of this year. We rang Sal at Kangaroof as we had dealt with him before and were not disappointed at the continued professional, friendly and honest service he continues to offer. We have no hesitation in recommending Sal to anyone knowing that anyone dealing with him is in safe hands. Absolutely the BEST roofer in Sydney.”

Rick & Carey Croft from Baulkham Hills
22 April 2020 | Roof Repairs

“We had a roof leak around the flashing above the garage.  After doing some online research, we realized we needed a qualified roof plumber to fix the leak.  A roof restoration would not necessarily fix the leak.  We got several quotes and shortlisted down to two roof plumbers that could do the job.  We decided to go with Sal as he was going to focus on the issue and gave us a reasonable quote.  Sal worked extremely hard and focused on the problem.  He did the work in early December 2019 in heat and smoke.  Now that we have had rain from all directions, we can test out his work, and after a few days of rain we find no leak.  This was a big deal for us as a previous roof restoration by a different company in 2004 failed to fix the leak.  I can highly recommend Sal.  He is hard working, honest and reliable.  He gave up a lot of his time in talking to me at the time of quoting and keeping me updated throughout doing the work.  He worked on our roof by himself for two days.  I had to wait a few months for him to do the work as he was very busy, now he has had to wait a few months for my review until we received significant rain.”

Liezel from Cherrybrook
9 February 2020 | Roof Leak Repairs

“It is so nice to hear the rain on the roof now without a feeling of dread!  Sal was responsive to my initial enquires, very prompt to inspect and quote (which included a quick immediate interim repair) and very accommodating in getting the job booked ASAP and finished sooner than I had hoped for.  Sal explained the nature of the problems, repairs needed and took photos throughout the job to explain the solution that he was putting in place.  Extremely happy with the end result and can highly recommend Sal as an honest, reasonable and responsive tradesman. Thank you again for restoring my trust in tradesmen!”

Dannielle Handel from Northmead
10 November 2019 | Roof Leak Repairs

“Sal was excellent. We had two leaking roofs that he troubleshot, and after last nights downpour, it appears he successfully repaired. He was very professional, honest and had overall great customer service, which is rare to find these days. His work is of high quality with attention to detail, and more importantly for us, it was a totally stress free experience. We totally recommend Sal for any roofing needs.”

Con from Oatlands
30 March 2019 | Roof Leak Repairs

“Sal is a trouble shooter when it comes to problem solving.
He repaired our leaking roof which no one else could find.
He was helpful and determined to find a solution and he did a fantastic job.
The job was done promptly with a smile and I would recommend Sal for all your roofing jobs”

Robert Klein from Mosman
12 February 2019 | Roof Leak Repairs

“I was very happy with my experience with Sal. He initially turned up to provide a quote on water leaking between house tiles and the polycarbonate roofing on a pergola during heaving rain. Sal identified that the existing flashing was not good enough and proposed that new larger flashing be installed. I was happy to commit to the quote he provided though he mentioned that given the water leakage was outside he would have to give preference to customers that had water leaking internally. That made perfect sense to me and appreciate how he prioritised the work. Along the way he kept me informed and that I wasn’t forgotten.

On the day in question, Sal turned up as he said he would. He was able to perform the work whilst being challenged by some rather tightly fitted solar panels near the roof edge. His work was neat and tidy and also helped me out with another query I had on the roof. Thank you Sal for your work and have no issues recommending you to others.”

Nicholas Eggleston from Constitution Hill
7 January 2019 | Polycarbonate Pergola Leak Repair
“Simply fabulous! I had a really good feeling from the moment he called me back the first time. Very responsive (always), had a thorough look before providing us with a considerate quote. Not over-promising, no sign of taking advantage of my lack of knowledge (he could have told me anything). Great work ethics, does what he says he’ll do. I’m very satisfied and happy to recommend kangaroof to anyone who needs help with their roof. Thanks, Sal, for your great work!”
Walter Firgau from Newington
5 December 2018 | Roof Repairs + Skylight Leak Repair

“Our experience with Sal was exceptional. He showed great attention to detail in diagnosing and then striving to fix our problem. He clearly laid out his thesis as to the cause of our difficulties. Also, in contrast to others who attended, he paid attention to the full history of our roof leaks and therefore examined areas the others did not. So far, the leaks have stopped, even amid torrential rain. We are hugely impressed.”

Garfield Reynolds from St Ives
29 November 2018 | Roof Leak Repairs

“I highly recommend Sal to anyone that requires the services of a Professional and Trust worthy roof repairer. Previous roof repairers invoiced and make promises with no real fix. I took the plunge and requested Sal to visited site, his expertise was immediate with no outlandish statements just confidence he would fix the leaking roof. Thank you once again Sal.”

Graeme Coles from Rydalmere
5 October 2018

“Well for the first time in 18 months and 3 failed repair attempts my kitchen is dry. Sal was only going to quote but when he was here and saw the problem instantly he said he would sort it out. He gave my partner Bruce the quote and we said go to it. Still a bit more to do and he is getting back to us with options. So happy he is a credit to the business and would recommend to anyone who needs roof repairs actually already have.”

Rosemary & Bruce from Stanhope Gardens
25 October 2018