8 Year Workmanship Warranty
Enquire about our 8 Year Workmanship Warranty.

Premium Quality Materials
At Kangaroof we use only quality materials from amongst the best brands in the market.

Restoration for Cement Tile and Metal Roof

Our roof restorations are not only intended to look great but to also provide you with a longer lasting roof since our coating protects your roof tiles or metal sheets from heat and moisture. We do not use low cost paints, which may peel away months later. Our high quality roof coating system protects your cement roof tiles from becoming porous, resulting in the tile no longer resisting moisture penetration. We also completely restore metal roofs to look as new as it once did. Your metal roof sheet’s original powder coating will fade in time leaving the bare metal exposed which causes surface rust. Our roof coating system also works as insulation, reflecting heat away from the roof tiles or metal sheets keeping you cooler during those hot summers.

Restoration for Terracotta Tile Roof

Terracotta tiles retain more moisture than cement tiles since it is a naturally moist material. This causes moss to build up on the tile, mostly affecting the less sunlit areas. We are able to restore your terracotta roof, making it sparking as it once did without coating solutions or paints, which we believe should not be used on glazed or semi glazed terracotta roof tiles since they are of a smooth surface. Some of the steps involved in New Roofs


  • High pressure clean moss, lichen, fungus and dirt off roof (after moss treatment for terracotta roofs)
  • Re-bed all necessary tile ridge caps
  • Re-point all tile ridge caps using flexible pointing
  • Apply high quality primer to roof tiles or metal roof sheets
  • Apply high quality sealer coat to all ridge caps and tiles or all metal roof sheets
  • Apply high quality coloured roof coating membrane